Monday, November 2, 2009

Men's basketball

The whole men's basketball thing has been a little hectic for right now.  I'm not sure what exactly is going on with their team practice, but I've been going to the redshirt workout.  There are only 4 guys that participate in this workout, but they seem to be doing well.  They're definitely a little lazy, but I think since there are so many of us in there watching them, they work a little harder than they do when the whole team is in there.  I think they know that when everyone's there, we can't watch all of them all the time so they have room to slack off. 
Brian and Doc came up with their workout, but the guys definitely don't seem to like it.  I think all of the exercises they're doing are pretty good for even just a baseline strength program.  These guys need a lot of coaching as far as normal lifts go and things of that sort.  They appear to be strong, but a lot of times, when they're corrected in their form, they can't do the lifts through the full range of motion.  One particular thing I've noticed is just their balance.  When we have them do the chest press with the pulleys (in a lunge) they're wobbling all over the place, but they're getting better.  It's interesting to me how correcting their form and having them do the right techniqe changes the whole dynamic of the lift.

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