Monday, November 2, 2009

Personal Training - client 1

OH MAN...I was SO pumped today when I started my client off on the treadmill and she said that she wanted to try to run the last minute.  That is a HUGE step in our training...she's usually trying to take breaks all the time and take the easy way out, but lately, i've noticed that she can do a lot more than she says the can and she's been pushing herself harder.  It's been really great to watch her make such huge improvements in her overall fitness level, regardless of weight change.  I know that her main goal is to lose weight, and we're working on it...some weeks are better than others, but I think that even just improving her overall fitness level is still a very necessary change.  I am anxious to see how her second fitness test goes compared to the first one.  I really feel like she's made some great gains both cardiovascularly and muscularly.  It'll definitely be interesting to see.  Anyway, back to her running...We did 15 minutes on the treadmill at 2.8 mph and a 6.0% incline.  At 14 minutes, I lowered the incline to 0% and increased the speed until she was at a light jog (4.2 mph).  By the time I got the speed increased, we were already at about 14:40, so she ran for right at 20 seconds, which i was SO proud of...We'll try it again next time and see what happens!

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