Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Personal Training - Client 1 - 10/14

Today I had my client warm up on the elliptical for 10 minutes on level 6 of the interval program.  Since she walks from her house to the depot, I don't feel like an actual warm up is necessary.  She usually does fairly well on the elliptical (no resting during the ten minutes).  After that we moved on to the treadmill.  Here, I had her walk at 2.7 mph at a 5.5% incline.  She did not rest until ten minutes, when her heart rate was at 155 bpm, which is right at 85% of her age predicted max heart rate.  She does a great job of pushing herself when doing any kind of cardio.  When she rests, she usually takes about a minute or a minute and fifteen seconds and her heart rate decreases pretty quickly.  It's been interesting to watch her increase the amount of time she can go before resting.  I'll be interested to see what her predicted VO2 max is when we do her second fitness test.  After the treadmill, we did ten minutes on the bike.  I have mixed feelings about the bike since it doesn't seem to be too difficult for her.  I think it hurts her legs more than it increases her heart rate.  Usually, she'll reach around 140 or so on the bike at level 7.  If I increase the level too much though, her legs burn too bad and she has to rest every few minutes.  All in all, I think it's better for her to be able to go the whole 10 minutes consecutively and keep her heartrate relatively elevated.

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