Monday, October 19, 2009

Personal Training - client 1

I was QUITE impressed with my client this session.  We began with ten minutes on the treadmill and she did the whole thing without stopping.  We did the preset interval program on the elliptical at level 6.  I think this is probably a good thing for her because it has her working pretty hard for a little bit at a time then gives her a little cooldown in between intervals.  Her heart rate got up 159, which is great for what we're doing.  We then did the treadmill at 2.6 mph at a 5.5% incline.  She did 15 minutes here and rested at 6 minutes and 12 minutes.  Her heartrate got up to about 150 or so before she rested.  We did the stairmaster last for 4 minutes continuously.  This is a pretty big accomplishment for her since she hates the stairmaster and usually rests in between each minute.  Now I know that she can do 4 minutes without resting.  Her heartrate gets up much higher on the stairmaster than anything else, which is why I like to integrate it into her training.  It's a lot lower impact than the treadmill, and since she has so much weight on her joints, I like to try to lessen the stress placed through her knees as much as possible while still getting a good cardio workout in.

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