Friday, October 2, 2009

Personal Training - client 1

Last night I did another training session with Client 1.  We started off on the treadmill.  I sent her a workout plan to do on days that we don't meet, so she wanted to go through it so she could make sure she was doing it right.  We started the treadmill at 3.0 mph and I had her walk on it for 15 minutes.  I figured she probably wouldn't be able to go the entire 15 minutes without resting, so I wasn't surprised when she rested at each 5 mintue mark.  her rest time was only one minute, so I feel like the effectiveness of the increased speed was not altered too much.  I also had her incline the treadmill to 1.5%.  I think I might increase the incline, since that's an easy way to increase METs, but it doesn't necessarily make it too much harder.  We'll see. 
We also did the bike for 10 minutes.  I've been having her do level 5 for 7 or 8 minutes, but we did 10 minutes on level 3 on the around the world program.  I've decided that I think this program will be better off for her in the long run because it's got differing resistance and it's not just flat biking.  She did say that it was much harder for her than just doing level 5 with no hills or anything. 
After that, we went to the weight room and she did the same exercises she's been doing, but we increased her shoulder press weight to 7.5 pounds.  I feel like she could increase even more than that, but I will probably just increase it gradually.  She's getting very good about knowing what to do and how to do different exercises.  It's been interesting watching her adapt to these changes. 
For the last 5 minutes, we did the elliptical for 5 minutes straight.  She's getting better at the elliptical which is good because I think it's probably better for her joints since there's not as much impact!

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