Wednesday, September 30, 2009

5k Meeting with Doc

I've had several meeting with Doc this week about the Halloween Hustle.  The nursing students are hosting their own 5k that is taking place 2 weeks before the Halloween Hustle would have been, so we're not supposed to be doing our race.  Anyway, I've been meeting with Doc to figure out what he wants to do about the whole race situation.  GCANS wants us to help them out with the race with timing at the finish and whatnot, but we realized that their race is scheduled for the Saturday of fall break.  We were discussing the fact that they're not going to get nearly as many people there since most people will be going out of town.  Anyway, today, I met with some of the GCANS reps to see if they would consider postponing their race 2 weeks and joining in our race on October 24.  They said that they've already done too much advertising in the newspapers and radio stations that it would be difficult to reach everyone and tell them about the delay.  That being said, they're going to keep their race scheduled for the 10th and not worry about the number of people they have...we'll see how it turns up!

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