Thursday, September 3, 2009

Basketball Weight Training

This semester, I've been working with the men's basketball team here at GCSU.  They have their weight room workouts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Some of the exercise science majors have been going to the practices and helping them out with their form and technique of various exercises.  Right now they are in the neural introductory phase of training.  During this phase, they will be doing a lot of exercises that are a good introduction to the season.  All of these exercises will help the players to build a strong core and build up a base for some of the exercises they will be doing later.  It's been really interesting to watch how different the form is for each player.  Many of them complete the exercises with great form, but there are also a good number of them who do the exercises with substandard form.  It's our job to help correct these errors and keep the players from getting injured from bad form execution.  It'll be interesting to see the improvements that all of the players make throughout the year.  I've enjoyed helping them out so far and am very excited to see how things go!

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