Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Personal Training - client 1

Well, we weighed client 1 in on Thursday and were not too happy with the results.  My client appears to have gained 3 pounds since her last weigh in.  Obviously, this could be due to a lot of different factors.  Anyone's weight fluctuates a good bit throughout the day, so her "weight gain" could have been just a fluctuation of her actual weight.  Regardless of why it happened, I decided that in addition to the written food diary that my client has been keeping, she's going to get an account at and track her calories on the daily plate. 
I was very excited to see that when my client came in today for her training session, she had researched the amount of calories that she should be consuming on a day to day basis and even used a website to figure out how many they recommended she eat per day to lose 2 pounds a week.  She also had found a website that she could track her calories on, but we later determined that livestrong is a little more accurate and has a wider variety of brands of food and whatnot.  Anyway, it'll be very interesting to see how her calorie tracking goes.  Hopefully we can figure out how to get some weight off.  She would definitely benefit from a reduction in her weight. 
I've also changed her program a little.  We were doing about 30 minutes of cardio each session with about 30 minutes of weights.  Now, I've changed it to 40 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of weights.  I think this will be a bit more helpful in our attempt to lose weight.  A lot of the cardio we do is pretty low intensity, but I'm working on increasing the speed and incline (with treadmill) and the RPMs for the bike.  Sometimes we do 3 minutes at 2.7 mph at 1.5% incline then 2 minutes at 3.2 mph at 1.5% incline and repeat that for about 20 minutes.  I can definitely see an improvement in her performance already. 

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