Sunday, September 13, 2009

Personal Training

So Wednesday was my fitness test for one of my clients and my second training session with my other client.  Overall, the fitness test went very well.  This client is pretty athletic as is, so we're focusing mainly on getting a little more toned and back into shape.  My second training session was great also.  We did a lot of the same things that we did last time but added some squats with the exercise ball.  She seems to be adapting well to this program.  Already, I can tell that she seems to be a little more comfortable with the exercises and whatnot.  I've encouraged her to keep a log of everything that she eats and drinks so that we can take a look at what changes we can make to help her lose a little more weight. 
On Thursday we had our third meeting.  She brought in her log of food and we looked at it.  There are definitely some aread where we can cut back and consume fewer calories fairly easily.  She seems to enjoy sweet tea and sodas, so even just cutting out a few of those will help.  The exercise program seems to be going great.  She seems to be very motivated to work out pretty hard.  I'm really enjoying my time with her so far!

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