Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Personal Training - Client 2

My personal training for client 2 has been going really well!  It's a little difficult to tell how much progress she's making, since we haven't weighed her lately and we didn't take any measurements.  I suppose since her goal is not necessarily weight loss, but moreso just toning up, we don't need to weigh her.  She appears to be getting stronger, and i think a lot of this has to do with neural adaptations since she doesn't typically do any kind of resistance training.  We've been able to gradually increase the weight that she's been using and she seems to be adapting to it very well.  She says that while she's doing certain exercises, her muscles feel very fatigued, but then she's never sore the next day.  This makes me think that she could be working a lot harder than she is right now, so I'm going to see if I can increase her weight a little more since it's been a few weeks and she should be pretty used to the exercises by now. 
We've been doing a lot of our cardio outside.  I have her wear my heart rate monitor when we run outside and it's been really good to be able to see what her heart rate is at a certain time.  I've definitely noticed that with her, running outside is a LOT harder than running inside.  I believe that this is true for everyone, but inside, she can run at 6mph with 0 incline for 20 minutes and her heart rate doesn't ever go above 160 or so, but outside, her heart rate gets up to 175 or so sometimes.  With her being an ex soccer player, she has pretty good respiratory endurance.
I've really enjoyed doing weights with her because I can tell that she really wants to learn how to do different exercises properly.  She's pretty motivated to get toned up which makes things a lot easier!  Every time I introduce a new exercise to her, she's pretty eager to try it out.  We added a tricep exercise this week and she's loving it.  She says that she feels like doing these arm exercises will definitely help her arms tone up!

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