Thursday, September 3, 2009

Personal Training

I now have two clients who I will be training throughout the semester.  My two clients are very opposite and have very different goals.  I started off with both by having a consultation and getting to know them a little and learn what their goals are for their time with a personal trainer.  One of the girls wants to establish a workout routine where she feels she is working hard.  She wants to get a little more toned up and get back to the level of fitness she used to be at.  My other client has a goal of weight loss.  
I have done a fitness test on one of them so far and am planning on doing the other fitness test next week sometime when she is feeling better.  My first fitness test went well and we learned that cardiovascular endurance is definitely something we need to be working on.  We had our first training session today.  We began with some cardio on the treadmill as well as the bike.  We then went into the weight room and did some free weight exercises.  A lot of the exercises I am doing with her utilize her body weight instead of dumbells.  We did a few leg exercises as well as some arm exercises.  We then went back to the cardio room and finished up with a little time on the stairmaster and finally a cooldown on the treadmill at a very slow speed.  
My primary goal this session was just to see what she could handle and see what her experience with resistance training was.  I had to make a few corrections on her form with some of the exercises, but overall, she seemed to be doing great!  I'm excited to see how our training sessions progress!  I'm planning on keeping track of everything we do so that I can see the improvement and show her directly so she can see some results.  We will be keeping track of her weight also by measuring it every Thursday.  I'll be interested to see how long it will take us to reach her weight loss goals!

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